All products, programs and services offered by, STARTUP SECRETS BLACKBOOK, and Swiss Business Tools are downloadable products and / or coaching / consulting services.

Due to their “non-physical” nature, there are no physical products that can be delivered. As such, it is impossible to physically return either the downloadable products or coaching or consulting services. All sales are deemed final.


Client represents and warrants his/her/its own fitness, financial or otherwise to enter into this Agreement, has independently evaluated his/her/its fitness and ability with his/her/its legal, financial and/or other advisors and affirms that he/she/it is able to pay the Fee and doing so will not unduly burden the Client. Client further agrees and affirms he/she/it is responsible for the full Fee, regardless of whether Client discontinues or continues the Program or Services at any time., (herein referred to as “SITU”) shall not be obligated to invoice Client for monthly payments.

This service is provided as a convenience. However, SITU will provide Client with payment receipts via email to the email address of record. Client’s participation in coaching, consulting or purchase of any product or service is also Client’s authorization for SITU to request and process payments as provided at the time of purchase.

Payments for coaching and consulting services are due and payable upon receipt of invoices. Payment must be made prior to any consulting, coaching, or training appointments.

If payment is not made prior to the time of any scheduled meeting:
1. The meeting will be cancelled.
2. Agreed upon payment for the meeting or package is required. In the event that client has purchased a “package”, payment for the full package is required. In the event that the agreed upon package has a cancellation clause, the notification terms of cancellation must be followed. This does not negate any required payments.
3. Missed meetings will not be rescheduled.
4. Any discounts or coupons will be cancelled.

If client desires to resume coaching, consulting, or training, she/he may do so upon full (non-discounted) payment of agreed upon service.

Late Payments

A 10% late fee shall be applied to all payments for each 14 day period in which payments past due.

Missed Appointments / Cancellation Policy

Any coaching, consulting, or training appointment cancelled with fewer than 72 hours advance notice will be considered provided. Payment for that time will be required and will not be refunded.

Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution shall first be attempted between you and SITU. Unresolved disputes may be resolved by binding arbitration in the County of San Bernardino, California. Both parties shall bear the cost of arbitration equally.

By downloading our products and / or participating in our programs and / or signing our agreements, you are agreeing with all of its terms. You agree not to initiate a charge-back procedure on any credit cards on account for any reason and will follow the dispute resolution process described in this agreement.